FIFA20 VS. PES20: The Comprehensive Guide to Differences and Similarities Between These Gameplays

Football season has begun, while FIFA 20 and PES 2020 are the most popular football simulation games available to users. FIFA and PES each receive a variety of positive and negative comments each year, each tailored to a specific group of users. The differences and similarities between the two games are now clear.

Physics Changing

The first point about both games is about changing the physics of the players on the field. The physics of players at PES 2020 are completely transformed and they move smoothly on the football field. On the other hand, the animations of the players in FIFA 20 have changed and even if you are a regular fan of these series, it will take a while for you to get used to it completely. There is no problem in this section, and both games provide a better experience than previous versions. Of course, the animations are improved at PES 2020.Players face simulation is another major advancement in PES 2020, and larger groups of players with their true faces are now present in the Konami football simulator. However, after experiencing both games for a relatively long time, the gamers love the animation of the players’ faces at FIFA 20. The players ‘faces at PES, though natural, still lack much of a feel, so the players’ reactions on the ground seem a bit weird.

How the PES 20 and FIFA 20 act in the field?

The biggest change for both games is their gameplay. Both PES 2020 and FIFA 20 are slower games than their predecessors are. PES 2020 slower play has helped make it more realistic, and now you can play by plan on the field. On the other hand, the slowdown in FIFA 20 gameplay has increased the focus on defense.

This means defending at FIFA 20 is more tactical than PES and you have to move players more precisely to get the ball. The goalkeeper has also been given the task of defining the goal and the goal can be given to the goalkeeper who can quickly get out of the goal when needed and attack the ball. The defensive changes in FIFA 20 are well underway and the results of the game are logical and closer to reality than the previous version. This change has also made scoring more goals than ever before and thus more fun.

If we get past the weakness of PES 2020 in defense, the game will shine in other parts of the play. Thanks to the psychological animations we mentioned earlier, the ball moves well between players and physical strife has become an increasingly important part of the game. Shooting is as enjoyable as in the past, and giving long short passes and tactical planning will not bother you.

In contrast, one of the major criticisms of FIFA 20 is the bad move of the ball on the pitch. For example, a couple of times when the players shoot the ball it strangely shifts after hitting a rival and moving in a direction that shouldn’t move at all, it goes into the goal. There is a problem with giving the ball away, and sometimes players have trouble controlling the ball, which can put the opponent in attack position.

The game mode in PES 20 and FIFA 20

This year in FIFA Volta Division, you can experience a variety of street football, from triple football to FUTSAL. Although not quite standard in the small gate mode, Volta’s performance in the FUTSAL section is well represented and gives a fresh feel to the new FIFA version. Of course, since the same engine as the FIFA 20 was used to build this part, the Volta’s sense of place is not as different as it should be.

FIFA Carrier mode and the PES Master League have been more similar than ever in this edition. You have to answer the questions of both journalists. Of course, at FIFA Carrier, a simple mechanism is designed that will answer your questions to a certain extent on the moral of the players, fans and managers of the club.

In short, the offline parts of both games are not much different from the previous ones, and it is only FIFA Volta that may be able to entertain a group for a long time. On the good side of the story for PES 2020, the My Club segment has come to relative maturity and can be counted on as a long-term hobby. Especially given that Konami is more open-minded than Electronic Arts in giving its users the FIFA coins they need to buy players.

FIFA is still more beautiful than PES

FIFA 19 Champions League reporters Derek Ray and Lee Dixon have a broader role at FIFA 20, and their new and different sentences make the reporting at FIFA 20 different from previous versions. In contrast, PES 2020 still uses the same old reporters. Their sentences have also been updated, but they are still noticeably low, and you’ll probably mute reporter after a few games.

The FIFA 20 menu has remained unchanged, maintaining its standard and lovely mood. In contrast, the PES 2020 menu is easier than ever to access different parts of the game. Of course, the color and glaze of this menu may get boring after a while.

The music in both games is quality and you won’t be disappointed. Of course, the number of licensed music for FIFA 20 (especially considering Volta’s songs) is far higher than PES 2020, so you won’t be tired of listening in the long run.

FIFA 20 or PES 20?

FIFA 20 continues to be the undisputed winner in offshore, but PES 2020’s impressive gameplay has made many users and critics of the game even more fun than the new FIFA. Which do you prefer? FIFA 20 with Volta section and long list of music and licensed teams or PES 2020 with exciting gameplay? Leave us a comment in the comments section.

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