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You may know that personalizing your Ultimate team is one of the important things in upgrading. It is also about raising the charm of the team. FIFA 20 badges, which have their own fans, can also help elevate your team. FIFA 20 recently used the Salford City Lion badge, which is the first of its presence in the series. But there are other clubs where you can make your team more popular and attractive by using their badges. Here is a list of FIFA 20 badges.

Kaizer Chiefs

  • League: South African FL (RSL 1)
  • Card type: Rare silver
  • Cost: 900 coins

One of the most successful South African clubs has used the most unique and attractive color schemes black and gold in their badges. This has made all the team options in the secondary market highly valued. Their badges is inspired by the former North American League (NASL) played by the founder of the Kaiser Mottaong Club in the 1970s.

Salford City

  • League: EFL League Two (ENG 4)
  • Card type: Common bronze
  • Cost: 200 coins

Salford badge has been a better-seller than other bronze marks on the second marker since is their first attendance in the FIFA Games series. The Salford team was run by six Manchester United legends including David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and the Neville Brothers, who made their way to the Premier League in the summer of 2019, and their lion badge was quickly favored by the community.

Al Hilal

  • League: MBS Pro League (SAU 1)
  • Card type: Common gold
  • Cost: 200 coins

It’s interesting to note that the design of Al Hilal’s logo looks a bit like the Champions League logo, though it isn’t considered as a plagiarism because the team has been using the logo since 1957. In Arabic, Al Hilal al means the crescent moon, so the team’s logo perfectly depicts the crescent design next to the soccer ball.

SK Sturm Graz

  • League: O Bundesliga (AUT 1)
  • Card type: Rare silver
  • Cost: 4000 FIFA coins

Austrian champion Sturm Graz badges are harder to find on the transfer market than any other is. Now there are only five of them remaining, each with a maximum of 5,000 coins. In fact, Aut is a good league if you want to get the silver medal for profit. SK Rapid Wien and LASK Linz also rarely appear and can be sold from 3K to 5K.

Manchester United

  • League: Premier League (ENG 1)
  • Card type: Rare gold
  • Cost: 200 coins

After Salford, the Manchester United emblematic and iconic badge has undergone minor changes over the past half century. (We still take this seriously as Arsenal’s classic “Concordia Concordia” classic design is no more.)


  • League: SAF (ARG 1)
  • Card type: Common silver
  • Cost: 200 coins

The Arsenal Club was founded in London in 1886, where regimental artillery and military hospitals were located. In fact, Arsenal played without the logo for two years and then they put the gun on their badge. When the club moved to Highbury in 1913, the guns remained on the logo. Modern red color has appeared on Arsenal’s logo and form due to the Nottingham Forest club.


  • League: Liga BBVA MX (MEX 1)
  • Card type: Rare silver
  • Cost: 2000 coins

This badge can be found in silver packages that you can sell on the market for 2,000 coins as soon as you receive it. You can also keep the badge when you’re 0-5 down in a Division Rivals game.


  • League: Liga do Brazil (BRA 1)
  • Card type: Rare silver
  • Cost: 2000 coins

The team has one of the rare symbols that depicts the tragic accident that killed its players in 2016 by a plane crash. 72 players were killed in the incident. This is why this badge is particularly important. After this event, FIFA 17 provided different medals and kits for each player.

Coventry City

  • League: EFL League One (ENG 3)
  • Card type: Common bronze
  • Cost: 200 coins

In this emblem, three images of a Phoenix griffin and an elephant are depicted. It is interesting to note that this team has had a few number of badges over the years.


  • League: Serie A (ITA 1)
  • Card type: Rare silver
  • Cost: 2500 coins

Lecce has a third place in Italy that con two consecutive matches to Serie A in 2017 – and as such, they are the only ITA 1 club at FIFA 20 with one silver instead of gold, the team’s sign is interesting, Wolf that is in front of an oak tree.

Guangzhou Evergrande

  • League: CSL (CHN 1)
  • Card type: Common gold
  • Cost: 200 coins

There is a lot to be said about this badge, and we are fascinated by it. An image of a burning fire tiger with the words “Be the best forever” is a masterpiece that you can use to fascinate your team.

Get acquainted with a few famous badges so you can now choose your own unique badge and further enhance your attraction.

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