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FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) is one of the most popular modes in the EA sport (Electronics Arts’) annual soccer series. Though it was relatively easy to transfer coins from one account to another in the past, now it brings with it the risk of getting banned and losing all your hard-earned coins. Could you believe that?

Just in case if you are still wondering what even is going on, a little backstory.

What are FIFA coins?

FIFA coins are a virtual currency used for the purpose of trading/purchasing FUT articles (payers, packs, etc.). They can be obtained by completing challenges, playing the console game, and selling your own players. Just basic economics and finance, you know. So yeah, it’s game money.

What are they used for?

By winning matches and successfully completing objectives, you can earn FIFA coins and use them for buying player packs or individual players on the FIFA Transfer Market. There, you can bid for a new player or straight-out buy them with your FIFA coins.

Methods to Transfer Coins without Getting Banned:

We have discovered three safe ways for everyone to transfer coins from one account to another without the risk of getting banned. These include:

  1. Buy Them From Safe Coin Suppliers:

This is the safest and easiest method for coin transfer. You can sell and buy FIFA coins here easily. This method includes selling your coins to the coin supplier from your first account and then repurchasing them from your second account. The two best names we can refer to are:

  • Aoeah
  • MrGeek

Although there is an additional cost involved, the risk of getting banned or losing all your coins is eliminated.

  1. Limit the Amount of Transfer:

This is the second safe method. Although there are still limitations and restrictions to this, it is still considered to be a rather safe method if you are transferring a small amount instead of large amounts. This will make you appear suspicious and you may risk getting banned.

  1. Use Bidding Method:

The way you do it is you list a player on your main account with minimum start price and maximum buying price. Now with your second account, with a few seconds to go place a bid on the player for a few thousand under the maximum price of the cards.

It has been observed that EA doesn’t flag or check cards that have ended with a bid and just to be on the safe side, bid on the card with just one minute left to avoid the risk of getting caught. DO NOT bid over the current market price for the card as you are just inviting trouble. Especially if there is a lot of time left for the bidding to end.

  1. Use Gold Card:

Buy non-rare gold cards from any of the premier leagues. List them for under 10K coins and then use the other account to purchase them one by one. This is a rather lengthy and tedious process but used by most coin suppliers due to the safety ensure in this method.

Try using players from the top 5 countries and leagues to further minimize the risk of suspicion.

We hope these methods are going to be useful and keep you guys safe from getting banned or losing all your coins.

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